Appointed to the BC Arts Council

Posted on December 30, 2013

Great News, I have been appointed to the British Columbia Arts Council.

The Council is firmly committed to supporting the artistic excellence of British Columbia’s talented artists and important arts and cultural organizations, that: encourage participation in artistic and creative activity; improve quality of life and social cohesion; develop, attract and retain skilled and innovative thinkers for the creative sector; foster community identity and a sense of place; and contribute to local, regional and provincial economies.

*taken from our 2013 to 2014 annual report





Arts and Culture Policy Council

Posted on October 15, 2012
Vancouver launches arts and culture policy council; Thomas Cannell Elected.

Check out the Straight.



Posted on November 1, 2011

I have a friend in Squamish, Moses.  He is a great artist, especially sculpting rock and teaching me along the way.  We are always working on a number of fantastic projects together and this latest one is nothing short of amazing.  Thanks Moe!

"Raven Bench"


This bench is near the new boardwalk in Terra Nova Rural Park in Richmond, B.C. It was really cool when I installed it because a lady who lived in the exact spot beside the slough a number of years ago came by and watched the installation. We talked about her family living there until recently.

The bench format was easy for me to work with because I love working the material so much. The design changed a few times while I was designing it though, I ended up choosing ravens because I have always had a close connection with them and people compare me to them the most. Spa’al, is how we say Raven on Musqueam territory.